At illregular Clothing Company, we're all about mixing things up. Inspired by our love for hip-hop culture, and streetwear, we set out to create a clothing line that breaks the mold. We took a famous saying from one of our favorite hip-hop artists, Nas, and used it to craft our name: ill, which represents our gritty, streetwise vibe. But we also wanted to be different, to stand out from the pack. So we added irregular, creating the perfect name that embodies our unique style: illregular.Our clothing is more than just style, it's a statement. We use pieces of hip-hop culture and our favorite sayings to create clothing that has meaning, with 90% of our pieces carrying a message that goes beyond mere fashion. But we also believe in affordability. We want our clothes to be accessible to everyone, especially the younger generation, without sacrificing quality.Welcome to illregular Clothing Company, where our love for hip-hop, streetwear, and skate culture meet to create a clothing line that's one-of-a-kind. (Just Think our Brand started with 200 Dollars and a Dream.)